Allis Chalmers

1860 Edward P. Allis buys the bankrupt flour mill manufacturer Reliance Works of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1873, Allis files bankruptcy and the Edward P. Allis Company is formed.

1889 Edward P. Allis dies and his 2 sons take over along with others of interest.

1872 Thomas Chalmers founds the firm of Fraser and Chalmers.

1890 William James Chalmers becomes president.

1901 Allis, Fraser, Chalmers, and Gates merge forming the Allis Chalmers Company.

1903 – 1928 Allis Chalmers acquires several important companies.

1928 Ford discontinues production of the Fordson in the United States. Allis Chalmers builds the model U to fill the void.

1932 Allis Chalmers and Firestone introduce rubber tires for farm tractors.

1953 The popular WD45 is introduced.

1955 Allis Chalmers acquires Gleaner.

1985 Allis Chalmers farm equipment line is sold to KHD and is renamed Deutz-Allis.

1990 Deutz-Allis is sold to management becoming Allis-Gleaner Corporation (AGCO).

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