Arcade Manufacturing

Arcade Manufacturing is primarily known as a vintage toy company today.
Union Manufacturing & Plating Company of Chicago incorporated 1893
Made the Chicago Wagon Jack and Sterling Bicycle
Withdrew from the Kingsley Specialty company Freeport, IL 1895

E H Morgan, Charles Morgan, Novelty Iron Works in 1868
Moved to the Arcade Division of Freeport in 1885 and incorporated as Arcade Manufacturing
Arcade Manufacturing of Freeport, IL bought and moved Union Manufacturing to Freeport 1897
Arcade made small items, primarily coffee mills and door hinges until fire destroyed their plant in 1892
Rebuilt by 1893 began larger items again
Purchased the Warner Hardware Company of Freeport, Illinois in 1899.
To fill in idle time, started making Arcade toys about 1924 and continued until war forced them to end toys in 1942 – didn’t resume – sold to Rockwell in 1946
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