Bemis & Call

Bemis & Call was one of the earliest manufactures of wrenches and machinist tools in the United States. Stephon Chapin Bemis began his career in his uncle’s store at the age of 14. He then moved to Harvard in 1821 and returned to Chicopee in 1822 to open a business with his uncle known as Pease & Bemis. Pease withdrew in 1824 at which time he formed a partnership with Sylvester Chapin and then Chester W Chapin, both known as Chapin & Bemis. He formed the Willimansett Manufacturing Company in 1829 producing hardware and small tools. This company was well respected and prosperous. He sold the factory in 1844 and moved to Springfield, Massachusetts. Here he partnered with Amos call who had been his apprentice in the Willimansett Company. In 1855, the partnership was incorporated as the Bemis & Call Hardware and Tool Company.

Bemis retired in 1868, selling his interest to his son S August, who became president. The company suffered a disastrous fire in 1872 and was rebuilt. In 1921, hardware was dropped to focus on wrenches. The name became Bemis & Call at this time. The Coes Wrench Company was added in 1928. Then, in 1939, Billings & Spencer acquired the wrench division of Bemis & Call.

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