Bethlehem spark plug

The Silvex Company produced Bethlehem spark plugs. Silvex was founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1912 with E H Schwab president. Reorganization took place in 1917 with the addition of a new million-dollar factory. Silvex became the Bethlehem Spark Plug Company in 1920. Then, in 1924, the company acquired Splitdorf becoming the Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Company. A merger with Bethlehem Steel in 1928 created Edison-Splitdorf and ended Splitdorf-Bethlehem.

The company was successful becoming the third largest producer of spark plugs. Ford and Packard used Bethlehem spark plugs in new cars and tractors in 1921-1922. Spark plugs were made for the Aircraft & Motor Supply company for a short time in 1919 under the “Aero-Auto” or “A-A” brand.
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