Blue Crown Spark Plugs

Blue Crown spark plugs are easily identified by their blue ring at the top of the porcelain. They were introduced by Motor Master in 1935. The brand was sold to the Zeller Corporation of Defiance, Ohio in the 1950s. Blue Crown is listed with a Defiance address in 1959 and a copyright application is dated 1960. Zeller was a pioneer in resistor plugs. Other brand names were Wizard and Varcon.

Lou Moore owned the Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials. They were Leo Goosen cars powered by Offenhauser/Miller engines. They made history during a five-year span at the Indianapolis 500. Mauri Rose came in 23rd in 1946. Mauri won in 1947 with rookie Bill Holland coming in 2nd. Holland was the fill-in driver for Tony Bettenhausen. Rose and Holland repeated the one-two finish in 1948. This made Rose a three-time winner. Holland won in 1949, George Connor placed 3rd, and 13th place Rose got fired. In 1950, there were three cars. Bill Holland placed 2nd, Lee Wallard 6th, and George Connor 8th. Henry Banks placed 6th in 1951.

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