Bridgeport Hardware

The Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Company sold an extensive line of hand tools. Founded by Willis F Hobbs in 1895, the company incorporated in Connecticut in 1902. Brand names included Challenge, Hercules, Matchless, Red Crown, Yellow Crown, Leader, Navy, Dwarf, Little Wonder, Shockless, Box Terrier, Baby Terrier, Bull-Pup, Perfection, Evertite, Ajax, Hy-Bar, Hy-Power, Pyramid, Thor, Free Cut, Klose Cut, Nox Tox, Cushion Grip, Rhino, Sure Grip, and Tiger.

Willis F Hobbs formed a partnership with Samuel R Wilmont in 1880 known as Wilmont, Hobbs & Company. After a few years, Hobbs sold his interest and partnered with E M Sperry. The Bridgeport name appeared after buying out Sperry. The company was destroyed by fire in 1902, reorganized, and rebuilt in 1904.

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