Bullard Automatic Wrench Company

Frank D Bullard was a prominent physician who patented a wrench and established a tool company. He received a MD from the University of Southern California Las Angeles in 1888. Then, he remained at the school as a chemistry professor, authored several books, and was heavily involved in medical organizations. Details of this unusual story can be found in the 1906 National Cyclopedia of American Biography.
There are two patent numbers, 733,138 and 742,389, from 1902 and 1903. The Bullard Automatic Wrench Company was established in 1904 to manufacture and market the wrench. Available in three sizes, the tool was heavily advertised from 1903 to 1909.

Albert Rorens, who had been Bullard’s general manager, established the Roren Drop Forge & Tool Company in a new plant in 1909 to continue the business. Then, the Union Drop Forge Company bought the Roren plant in 1910 without plans to manufacture tools. After the Union purchase, Roren established a facility in New York. John H Congdon purchased the Bullard property in 1909 with no plans to continue the tool business.

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