Caledonia Bean Harvester Works

Caledonia Bean Harvester Works 1900 – 1941

Alexander Miller and son Frederick Miller moved to Caledonia, New York in 1888 where they manufactured farm equipment under the Miller name. Of special interest is patent number 345,981 for a bean harvester granted July 20, 1886 to Frederick. In 1899, a group of business men from Le Roy, New York purchased the Miller Manufacturing Company and formed the Le Roy Plow Company. Frederick then established the Caledonia Bean Harvester Works in 1900. The company produced several other machines as well including a corn planter and celery cutter. In 1919, Frederick purchased the inventory and rights to manufacture grain drills from the Champion Drill Company of Avon, New York. The company was sold to the Le Roy Plow Company in 1941.

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