Carew’s Patent Wire Nippers

Carew’s patent wire nippers were sold by the M W Robinson Company.

Augustus Storrs established A Storrs & Company in 1839 with partners Judge Fitch and Joseph Conant. Fitch died in 1845 and the Mansfield store closed. Brigham & Storrs opened in Willimantic in 1846 with partner D W Brigham. They sold out within a year. Augustus then moved to Hartford where brother Charles was employed in a resale firm. The two moved to Brooklyn in 1851 where they established Storrs Brothers. The brothers were distributors for Smith & Wesson and Stevens firearms. The company operated until at least 1879.

Marcus Webb Robinson married a sister of the Storrs brothers in 1856 and became an employee in 1858. MW remained with Storrs until 1869 when he opened his own business and became the sole distributor for Smith & Wesson in New York. M W Robinson also manufactured tools including vises, wrenches, and cutting tools. Robinson died in 1892. The business carried on, incorporating in 1893 when they acquired all assets of the Davis Tool & Level Company.

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