The Channellock Company is known for a high-quality tongue & groove plier. George B DeArment owned and bred draft horses. He began making blacksmith tools in Evansburg, Pennsylvania in 1886. This became the Champion Bolt Clipper Company in 1891. Products included foot vises, tongs, & hammers. After the panic of 1893, George was running again in 1894. The Champion Tool Company was formed at Conneaut Lake in 1900 and absorbed the blacksmith business. Champion moved to Meadville in 1904 and expanded the product line. Sons, Almon W & J Howard assumed control in 1911 and oversaw further expansion. J Howard died in 1927. The name became the Champion DeArment Tool Company and incorporated a year later.

The tongue & groove slip-joint plier was developed in 1933 and the Channellock name was trademarked in 1935. To avoid losing the valuable brand name, Champion became Channellock in 1963. The company is still in business today, producing quality tools in Pennsylvania.

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