Chapin Stephens

Chapin Stephens


Herman Chapin – father

Edward Chapin, George W Chapin, Phillip E Chapin – sons

Lorenzo Stephens – grandfather

Delos H Stephens – father

Frank Stephens – son


In 1826, Herman Chapin and Daniel Copeland begin making wooden carpenter’s planes in Pine Meadow, Connecticut. In 1828, Chapin buys out Copeland and forms the Union Factory adding plumb bobs and levels. Folding rules are added in 1835 with Delos H Stephens as his apprentice who will leave in 1854 to establish D H Stephens & Company. The Union Factory will continue until 1860 when sons Edward and George take over forming H Chapin & Sons. In 1868, George sells his interest to Edward and the firm is renamed H Chapin’s Son until his death in 1896. Edwards’s sons, Hermon & Frank then form H Chapin’s Son & Company in 1897 which will operate until 1901.

In 1853, Lorenzo and Delos Stephens form L C Stephens & Son to manufacture rules at Pine Meadow, Connecticut. The name is changed in 1861 to D H Stephens & Company which will then move to Riverton, Connecticut in 1864.

On Octobers 1, 1901 H Chapin’s Son of Pine Meadow and Stephens & Company of Riverton, consolidate at Pine Meadow forming Chapin-Stephens. This firm will continue until 1929. The Stanley Rule and Level Company of New Britain, Connecticut will acquire the line of rules with other lines being lost to time.