Cohansey Glass Company

The Cohansey Glass Company manufactured fruit jars and window glass in the late 1800s. The Free Will Glass Works began in Camden County, New Jersey in 1835. William Nicholson was the main organizer bringing several members of the community together. Others included Richard H Tice, Jacob DeHart, Joseph H Thomus, Thomas B Park, Richard Fordham, Israel Evan, Isaiah Dill, Matthias S Simmerman, John T Brown, John E Ayars, Samuel P Tice, and Joshua Eldridge. Flasks were the principal product ranging from a half dram to two gallons. William Nicholson bought the plant at auction in 1836.
Joel Bodine acquired the plant over a number of years operating as Bodine & Sons. Nixon J Bodine incorporated the Cohansey Glass Manufacturing Company in 1870 along with Francis L Bodine, David P Elmer, John T Nixon, and William G Milliken.
The American Window Glass Company bought Cohansey Bridgeton in 1899 with a strike occurring in 1900. American was a consolidation of at least 40 glass companies. The factory closed in 1917.
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Cohansey fruit jar