Cussins Wire Twister

Lucian A Cussins patented a wire twister in 1886. Two patent numbers appear for this item, 338,610 and 338,659. The first lists three names – Lucian A Cussins, Orey D Shank, and John M Overpeck. The second number comes up under Google patents with Shank’s name absent. No model was furnished with the patent application and it is listed as “not known to be produced”. The item represented here is a good quality casting imprinted Mar 23, 1886. The handles appear to be home-made. St. Paris, Ohio is listed as the patentee’s residence. St. Paris is a small town outside Urbana and close to Springfield. Urbana and Springfield were both well-known manufacturing centers at the time with numerous companies that could have produced this item.
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