Dayton Buggy Company

The Dayton Buggy company was the manufacturer of the Woodhull Carriage. Lambert and Morris Woodhull arrived in Dayton, Ohio in 1858. They ran a seed and implement business from 1858 until 1878. The brothers began carriage building in 1878 becoming the Dayton Buggy Company in 1880. Their first shop was on Kenton Street and moved to Fifth Street in 1880. By 1882, they employed 100 men turning out 1500 vehicles. The name became the Dayton Buggy & Carriage Works in 1889 and L M Woodhull in 1891.
With his three sons Roger, James, and Morris G, Morris incorporated the Woodhull company in 1907. A new building was erected in 1908. The sons were employed elsewhere when the company was ended and the building sold in 1910.

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