Diamond Calk Horseshoe

Diamond Calk Horseshoe was a manufacturer of high-quality horseshoes, calks, and tools. Brothers Nels and Otto Swanstrom arrived in America in 1889 where they engaged in the blacksmith trade. Otto established the Giant Grip Horseshoe Company of Duluth in 1900 to market his designs. The company moved to Little Falls, Minnesota in 1903 and Otto sold out his interest in 1906. He then incorporated the Diamond Calk Horseshoe Company in 1908. A new factory was built in 1910 with the addition of railroad supplies and drop-forged tools. Diamond continued to expand as they gained a reputation for quality.

Automobiles and tractors were replacing horses by the 1920’s. Horseshoes for pitching were added in 1924 to slow the decline in farrier related sales. Patent number 1,850,816, obtained in 1931, was obtained for shoes with a hooked end to hold the stake. Brands included the Double Ringer, Super Ringer, Eagle Ringer, Tournament, and a lighter weight Junior set.

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