Dille McGwire Richmond, Indiana

Dille McGuire Richmond, Indiana

1870 Henry H. Dille and E. W. McGuire establish the Quaker City Machine Works in Richmond, Indiana.

1874 Produce their first lawnmower

1875 receive their first patent.

1880 Incorporates.

1893 Display their Diamond High Grass Mower along with shears at the Chicago World Expo.

1905 Employ 85 men and 1 woman. Work a 60-hour week 300 days per year in a steam powered factory.


The 1893 wrench was considered an orphan for years until discovered in a Shapliegh catalog. The wrench has an interesting history. It seems someone stamped a Winchester logo into the wrench to go along with the 1893 and listed it in an online auction. The fraud was getting a lot of attention until wrench collectors intervened.