Eagle Claw Wrench

The Eagle Claw Wrench Company manufactured a heavy plier-type tool. Joseph A Schlehr received patent number 740,553 in 1903 while living in Frazee, Minnesota. The company was then located in Minneapolis. Patent number 1,016,296 was applied for in 1910 and granted in 1912. While resembling a heavy plier, the jaws had three points for gripping round objects. The tool proved popular with farriers for removing horseshoe calks.

Schlehr moved the company to Chicago around 1912 and then to Rockford in 1914. There are two additional patents. Number 1,075,945 was for a pipe wrench in 1913. Then patent number 1,393,399 for taper-jawed pliers and wrenches in 1921. By this time, his address was in South Dakota.

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