Eifel Plierench

Peter and Joseph Eifel ran their own construction company with records available between 1909 and 1915. Joseph patented his first wrench in 1916. That wrench is not known to have been produced. His second patent number 1,181,654 was dated May 2, 1916. This pliers/wrench combination was the beginning of Flash Sales Corporation. This wrench was sold for many years as it went through a series of modifications.
The wrench began selling in 1921. Marketing was direct selling. Then Joseph began advertising for individuals to sell his wrench to the public. These people would be given a territory and a sales kit. Whole page ads were taken out in Popular Mechanics Magazine in the 1920s. It turns out promises of potential profits were too good to be true. The stated profits sales representatives were making was overstated. A cease & desist order was issued in 1941.
The plierench was a quality tool and millions were sold in 7 and 8 ½ inch sizes. The 7 inch may be more difficult to find. The date of manufacture was stamped in the tool from the end of the depression into the 1950s. The end date isn’t certain but a model 7 Plierench showed up as a Sohio sweepstake prize in 1967. There were manufacturers after Eifel and Flash Sales.

Important patent dates: 1916, 1932, 1955

Manufacturers: Flash Sales Corp., American Plierench, Eifel Products, American Supply Company, Masterform Tool Company, and G H Nopak.

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