Farmer’s Friend

Farmers Friend Manufacturing was a prominent producer of agricultural implements located in Dayton, Ohio. Weusthoff & Getz was formed in 1868 to manufacture farm implements. The company incorporated in 1871 as Farmer’s Friend Manufacturing (FF). Incorporators included Benjamin Kuhns, William Weusthoff, J G Getz, John Aikin, and C F Kneisly. Benjamin Kuhns was president until 1886. There was a quick succession of presidents before John Stoddard accepted the position in 1887. Stoddard then bought FF in 1894. Products were continued under the FF name until 1906. In 1906, Stoddard discontinued agricultural products to concentrate on the Dayton-Stoddard automobile.

The first FF product was the Kuhns grain drill followed by the “Monarch” corn planter and the “U T K” harrow. The grain drill won a gold medal at the Paris Exposition in 1878. The “Dayton” lawn mower was introduced in 1888 followed by the “New Idea” and “First Choice”. The New Idea was exhibited at the Columbian Expo in 1893.

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