Gendron Diamond G bicycle wrench

The Diamond G bicycle wrench was manufactured by the Gendron Iron Wheel Company. Peter Gendron acquired over 75 patents for carriage, wagon, and bicycle wheels. He began his career as a pattern maker. During this time, he developed a wire wheel for children’s carriages. An attempt at manufacturing in 1877 failed due to insufficient capital. The Gendron Iron Wheel Company was then formed and incorporated in 1880. They made wheels for agricultural machinery before focusing on children’s vehicles. Competition from cheap wooden wheels was fierce. The company survived and grew at a steady pace. They would become the largest manufacturer of children’s vehicles in the world. A new factory was built in 1889 to produce safety bicycles. The name was changed to the Gendron Wheel Company in 1895 to better reflect their product. Peter died in 1910 but the company continued into the depression.

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