George Barnsley & Sons Ltd

George Barnsley was an English manufacturer of files and cutlery. His shop was located on Wheeldon Street, Sheffield from 1837 to 1839. Production was limited to files at this location. He then moved to Cornhill with production still limited to files. The company remained here far about ten years. Construction of a new facility on Cornish Street was began in 1850. The Cornish Works were ready by 1852 when his brother Charles became involved. The company became George Barnsley & Son in 1858 when his son of the same name joins. This was a period of expansion as shoe-making tools and butcher knives were added to the product line. In 1864, the Company became George Barnsley & Sons.

The company closed in 2003. Urban explorers have taken numerous photographs of the facility. Explorers aid in the preservation of history when they adhere to their code of leaving sites as found.

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