Hayward Wrench Company

The Hayward Wrench Company was established in 1914 by Robert Hayward, Homer Hayward, and Lewis Duncan with $100,000 in capital. Located at 700 Cass Ave. St. Louis, Missouri the company produced a self-adjusting pipe wrench in three sizes. A 7” wrench with a ¾” opening, an 11” wrench with a 1 3/8” opening, and a 14” wrench with a 1 7/8” opening. Prices were .25, 1.75, and 2.25 respectively. The tool was advertised to be self-adjusting, grip tighter as additional force is applied, not to damage the part, never to seize, and to fit nuts, bolts, and pipes equally well. Patent number 1,077,343 was given to Hubert for the wrench in 1913. There were plans made public to expand into Springfield, Missouri in 1916. There is an advertisement in the June 1916 issue of Southern Hardware.

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