The Herbrand tool company manufactured a wide range of hand tools for mechanics and machinists. Jacob Herbrand invented a fifth wheel for carriages that was the basis for the new company. Established in Fremont, Ohio in 1881, partners included Charles Thompson and J B VanDoren. Jacob died in 1884 and Thompson became president. Expansion into wrenches and safety razors occurred under Thompson. Creighton Fuller Thompson became president in 1922. A significant merger with the Bingham Stamping Company of Toledo occurred in 1947. The two companies continued to operate separately. Kelsey-Hayes acquired the company in 1961.

Safety razors were considered a sideline of the company. These were often given out at tradeshows as a promotion. The boxes carried the early script logo. The Diamond H was used on tools until sometime in the 1920s. A script was used before the Bingham merger and block letters after. There may be some variation in this timeline.

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