Humphreysville Manufacturing

Humphreysville Manufacturing was an important manufacturer of augers and bits, plane irons, and chisels. General David Humphreys settled the area in 1804 as a manufacturing center. He had purchased Rimmon Falls in 1803. He introduced Marino sheep and established a woolen mill. Other industries were added. One of the more important was a paper mill.
Walter French began hand-forging auger bits in the village in 1810. Other establishments began making auger bits as well. The village became so involved in them that auger bits were sometimes used as currency. Walter left the area in 1844 and Reymond French & Company was formed at that time. Reymond immediately built a second factory. With money raised by sale of the paper mill and woolen mill, DeForest & Hodge bought the new auger bit factory. DeForest had been president of Humphreysville Manufacturing since incorporation in 1822. French organized a copper company after his factory burned in 1849. Humphreysville Manufacturing filed papers for dissolution in 1916.

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