J C Speirs

J C Speirs and A L Moore established the Speirs & Moore Manufacturing Company in Worcester, Massachusetts in April of 1890. A L Moore left in October of 1890. Wrenchwiki is unable to verify if this is the same A L Moore that established the Moore Drop Forge Company. This company was established 50 miles away in October of 1890 in the same line of work. S & M filed papers of insolvency in 1898.

Among drop forged products were pipe wrenches, ball peen hammers, and large quantities of bicycle wrenches. Pattern maker Reinhard T Torkelson assigned wrench patents. Torkelson owned a large number of tool and bicycle patents. Several of these were assigned to Iver Johnson including the Johnson bench plane.

Speirs Manufacturing was established in 1892 to make bicycles. The company failed in 1898. The Sherman envelope company moved into the plant in 1899. John A Sherman invented machines for making envelopes and no doubt used the existing metalworking machinery. This machinery was liquidated in 1903 by Hill, Clarke & Co after Sherman had relocated.

A John C Speirs shows up in the automobile industry beginning in 1902. He was fired from Locomobile in 1902. J C then goes to Autocar from 1903 till 1905. A series of positions in 1906 included Midgely Manufacturing, Corbin Motor Works, and the Wayne Automobile Company. Standard Roller Bearing in 1908, and American Motors from 1916 till 1917.

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