John Deere

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1836 John Deere opens a blacksmith shop in Grand Detour, Illinois.

1837 Fabricates a steel plow.

1838 – 1842 Develops and refines his plow manufacturing business.

1842 Deere forms a partnership with Leonard Andrus. The L. Andrus Plough Manufacturing Company is established in Rock River, Ill.

1848 The Deere/Andrus partnership ends and Deere moves to Moline, Ill. John Deere forms a partnership with Robert Tate and John Gould. Deere, Tate, & Gould manufacture plows.

1853 Deere buys out Tate & Gould and his son Charles joins the business. Deere is now producing a variety of farm implements.

1858 The panic of 1857 caused a steep decline in agricultural prices. Sale of implements decline sharply in 1858 forcing Deere to reorganize. Deere sells his interest to his son and son-in-law but remains president of the company until 1886.

1886 Reorganization and name change to Deere & Company.

1912 Deere enters tractor business.

1918 Deere purchases the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

1923 The model D is introduced. Deere drops Waterloo Boy.

1933 Introduction of the Model A

1934 Introduction of the Model B

1935 The model BN is introduced. 1935-1940

1938 Model L unstyled, styled A & B

1939 Model L styled

1941 Model LA

1949 Model R

1952 Last year for the model B.

1956 Buys Lanz AG.

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