Kraeuter & Company

Kraeuter & Company was a manufacturer of quality hand tools. August Kraeuter was a journeyman locksmith in Germany. He moved to Newark, New Jersey in 1859. His first job on arrival was with a pistol manufacturer. There is no record of the firm name but was most likely the Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Company. Manhattan established a plant in the area in 1859. August left the pistol company to work for Henry Sauerbier manufacturing cutlery for military use.
Tool Manufacturer Heuschkel, Kraeuter & Foerster was formed in 1864. This company was dissolved in 1869 and Foerster & Kraeuter was formed. August withdrew in 1878 to manufacturer machinist tools on his own. His son, Aurthur, joined the company in 1902 and became president in 1904 when August committed suicide. Incorporation was in 1907. This is when the company focus changed to automotive tools. Dresser Industries became the owner in the 1960s.

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