L T Snow Nail Puller

The L T Snow Company was known for yacht cannons, nail pullers, and the Universal food grinder. Levi Tracy Snow apprenticed with Pratt & Whitney from 1880-1884. He then became superintendent of the Strong Firearms company in 1886. Strong manufactured cannons, shotguns, and rifles. Levi acquired the cannon division when Strong dissolved.

A merger in 1906 created Snow & Petrelli Manufacturing Company in New Haven, Connecticut. Marine supplies were added to nail pullers and cannons. Names included Joe’s Gears and One-Way clutches. Joseph Petrelli purchased the Navy Gear Manufacturing Corporation in 1916 creating Joseph V Petrelli Inc. Snow & Petrelli continued until at least 1921.

Aurthur T Nabstedt was secretary and engineer of Snow & Petrelli. Levi and Aurthur created the Snow-Nabstedt Gear Corporation. The relationship must have been valued since Aurthur named his son Tracy Snow Nabstedt. The company is still in operation in Florida.

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