Lansing Company

The Lansing Wheelbarrow company was established in Lansing, Michigan in 1881. The first product was a wooden wheelbarrow. It wasn’t long until they were making everything on wheels that moved material. They were also a large seller of American hardwoods. The owner of the company had been in the lumber business since 1867. Thousands of acres in Arkansas were added as business boomed. They became the largest seller of wheelbarrows and hand trucks in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin Davis started the company. He gave up control in 1886 to his brother-in-law Edward W Sparrow. Davis went on to establish the City National Bank and several other companies. The Advance Concrete Mixer Company of Jackson, Michigan was purchased in 1911. The name of the company was shortened at this time. Sparrow gifted the city with the E W Sparrow Hospital in 1912 and died a month later. After a merger in 1961, the company was closed in 1967.

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