Maxon Lifting Jack

J W McSherry was established in Dayton, Ohio in 1875. The original product was putty. E C Boyer became manager in 1887. McSherry acquired Maxon jack patents from James W Carpenter at this time. Boyer purchased McSherry Manufacturing in 1896. The purchase included the patents for lifting jacks. Boyer then partnered with Frank Radford in 1897 forming Boyer & Radford. The Boyer-Radford and Gorgon Tank & Pump Company was incorporated in 1905. Boyer and Radford then incorporated the Dayton Iron Works in 1908.

Thomas Maxon sold James W Carpenter one-half interest in jack patents in 1887. George A Miller was sold one-half interest in newer jack patents in 1894. The Maxon-Miller Company was formed in Huntington, West Virginia in 1895 to manufacture jacks. When Maxon died in 1900, D E McSherry sued to stop the manufacture of jacks.

J W McSherry and D E McSherry were separate Dayton Companies. D E McSherry manufactured agricultural implements. At some point D E McSherry had acquired rights to manufacture jacks.

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