Metzger Spark Plug

Charles A Metzger and George W Bartholf incorporated the Regent Automobile & Machine Company in 1902 to manufacture automobiles and spark plugs. The spark plug was originally named the Jump Spark Plug and later Soot-Proof. R M Owens was Eastern sales manager for Olds. When Ransom Olds withdrew in 1905 to form REO, Owens went with him. This relationship was severed in 1910. Metzger, Owens, and R H Montgomery then incorporated the Windshield Manufacturing Company in 1910. Johns-Mansville took over manufacturing the Soot-Proof plug in 1913. The plugs were then sold as JM Soot-Proof. Metzger was no longer connected but the name was retained in advertising. Owens retained his interest in the spark plug.

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