National Spark Plug

Bergstom Brothers was established in 1915. The brothers included Oscar B Bergstrom, Carl F Bergstrom, Arthur J Bergstrom, Andrew N Bergstrom, and Adolph G Bergstrom. Records show an Andrew N Adolph as well. There is no evidence of that name in the Rockford area. It appears possible that was a combination of Andrew’s and Adolph’s names in error. Bergstrom Brothers was listed in the Rockford directory as a hardware store. The company incorporated in Rockford, Illinois.

Adolph G and Arthur J filed for a spark plug patent in 1912. Patent number 1,098,705 was granted in 1914. F G Hogland was a witness. The Hogland name was associated with Fryac spark plugs, also of Rockford. D H Cusic, B B Early, and A G Bergstrom incorporated the Bergie National Spark Plug Company in 1917. The name was changed to National Spark Plug Company in 1919. Brands included the National and Bergie National.

The Bird-Bergstrom Motor Car Company was organized in 1920. Incorporators were Adolph G Bergstrom, Murray R Bird, and A R Floberg. A G was vice president of Fryac in 1920. In 1921, the name became the Adolph G Bergstrom Motor Car Company.

Fryac Manufacturing was established in Rockford, Illinois in 1915. Products included windshields, spark plugs, and spotlights. A F Hogland was on of the principals. A separate company to manufacture the Marvel Gas Saver was established in 1923 and surrendered to Fryac in 1924. Clymer Manufacturing was purchased the same year.

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