Neverslip Manufacturing Company

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Deliveries half to be made on snow-covered winter streets, ice harvested, and of course, sleigh-rides to grandma’s house. Working in slippery conditions endangers the horse. One solution is the horseshoe calk. Neverslip made shoes that were designed to be drilled and tapped to accept interchangeable calks. When calks were not needed, screws could be inserted in place of the calks to protect the threaded holes in the shoes. Special tools were manufactured to thread the shoes and insert the calks.

The Neverslip Manufacturing Company incorporated in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1896. The company was the result of merging the Neverslip Horseshoe Company of Boston, Massachusetts and the Omniform Manufacturing Company of New Brunswick, New Jersey with J. W. Johnson president. A highly successful company employing 200 workers, Neverslip built a new plant in Montreal, Canada in 1905. Manufacturers Iron and Steel was incorporated on 6/2/1916 in New York as a holding company to merge the Neverslip Manufacturing Company with the Dryden Horseshoe Company of Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Manufactures Iron and Steel reincorporated May 5, 1917 in New Jersey.

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