Nye Tool & Machine Works

Nye Tool & Machine Works was a leading manufacturer of plumbing tools. Harvey Gale Nye began his career at C Rogers & Brothers silver platers. He remained at International Silver after they absorbed Rogers. Henry Jansen owned a small machine shop on one floor of a rented building in Chicago. Jansen, Nye, & F J Kinselman (Kinzelmann) organized the Nye Tool & Machine Works in 1904. H G remained at International Silver until 1910.

Jansen developed the skip-tooth die in 1906. This die, made from imported Sheffield steel, became quite popular. A standalone threading machine with 4-inch capacity was added by 1908. They built their own factory in 1924. H G was an excellent salesman and promoter. He authored regular articles in popular plumbing magazines. His son, H G Jr. became president after his father’s death in 1932.

The Wayne Pump Company merged with Symington-Gould in 1958 forming Symington Wayne. This company bought Sherman Klove in 1961. S K Wayne tools were branded sometime between 1962 and 1964. Toolmaker Electrolite was also acquired in 1961. Nye was purchased in 1964. Dresser Industries acquired Symington Wayne in 1967.

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