Ohio Rake

Ohio Rake manufactured agricultural machinery in Dayton, Ohio. Incorporation took place in 1884 with Allen E Thomas president. The company established a dominant position in the agricultural industry in hay equipment and harrows. A planter was acquired from Gale along with a harrow in 1920, otherwise, innovation was mostly their own. The company enjoyed over 35 years of prosperity but did not survive the depression.
Ohio Rake sold equipment under a long list of names including Hollingsworth, Ohio, Ohio Valley, Gazelle, Perfect, Famous, Farm Queen, King, National, New Dayton, Star, Steel King, Lion, Success, ORC, Bull’s Eye, Bull’s Head, Gale Sure Drop, Union, Victor, Bob White, Hayes-Dayton, Advance, Miami, Dandy, Belle Center Cut, Golden Age, Dutch Girl, Atlanta, Monarch, Two-Way, Crescent, Ozark, and Mansur.
Several companies sold hay rakes under the Hollingsworth name. James Hollingsworth acquired patent number 41,433 on February 2, 1864. Manufacturers copied his successful design after his patent expired and used the recognized name.
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