Oswego Tool Company

John J Tonkin founded a company in 1879 to manufacture the Tonkin Direct Acting Steam Pump. He then moved to Buffalo to manufacture steam supplies. From there, he went to Oswego where he was general manager of the Kingsford Foundry and Machine Works. Tonkin and fellow employee Albert N Radcliffe founded the Oswego Tool Company between 1887 and 1889. Tonkin soon moved on leaving Radcliffe in charge.

Oswego bought C B Rice in 1895. Rice manufactured the Ontario bicycle.

Daniel C Stillson invented the Stilson wrench in 1869 while employed by Walworth. The patent number is 95,744. Walworth trademarked the Stillson wrench in 1869 while Stillson retained the patent. Oswego bought Stillson wrenches from Walworth in 1902.

The Henry Forging and Tool Company was formed in 1922. This company was closely related and had been formed to provide castings.
William J Henry then bought controlling interest in Oswego in 1927. Two important acquisitions had been made in 1924. These were the Atlas Vise Company and the Velox Vise Company.

Chauncy C Place was one of the incorporators in 1893. Place is known as a founder of the Pell Motor Car Company.

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