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The following is a list of facts as found by researching old automobile and motorboating publications There appear to be an unusual number of addresses

1913 37 West Van Buren St. Chicago – E R Packer and Percival Manchester

2500 authorized shares capital stock

Incorporators William D Bangs, L Bell, William C Boyden

Manufactured ratchet sets and tire holders

Exhibited at the Motor and Accessories Show in NY 1916

Exhibited at the Grand Central Palace Show 1917

Patents are under R. Eben

Roller Chain Device 1,057,495

Tire Holder Patent 1,306,712

There is a much earlier wrench patent 131,359

1919 address 1201-3 Peoples Gas Building, Chicago, Ill.

1920 address 1420 South Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill.

1922 address 2357 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill.

P. Q. Wray president 662 Buckingham Place Chicago

Speculation the logo “Ray” is taken from P. Q. Wray

1926 Owned by the Standard Motor Parts Company New Castle, Indiana (PAS Co)

1927 Merger George H. Rives and the Standard Motor Parts Company forming the Auto Accessories Corporation of America


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