Pan Motor Company

Pan Motor Company                                      St. Cloud, Minnesota

1916 Stock sales begin at $10.00 per share.

1917 There are 9,000 shareholders.

Pan-Town is built with over fifty homes for workers.

The Pan-Model 250 automobile, priced at $1,000.00, is introduced at a July 4th picnic.

1919 Begins production of the Pan Model A

Produces a single crawler tractor used in a Wichita plowing demonstration as well as a conventional row crop model displayed at the Kansas City Tractor Show. Neither are known to exist.

Indicted for mail fraud – On February 1st of 1919, Samuel Pandolfo is indicted by a grand jury for mail fraud. He is found guilty, fined $4,000, and sentenced to ten years. Pandolfo serves 2 1/2 years at Leavenworth.

1922 Final Closure of the company. 75,000 stockholders lose all equity.

Only 5 Pan Automobiles of 737 are known to exist.                                        return to home page

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