Ridgid Tools

Ridgid tools are used by professionals worldwide. The Ridge Tool Machinery Company was formed in Elyria, Ohio in 1922. Founders included Barbara Thews, William Thews, A G Smith, C H Ingwes, and Jennie S Ingwes. William Thews acquired most of the early patents. The company was renamed the Ridge Tool Company in 1924. Ridge Tool is still in business today as part of Emerson Electric.
The first pipe wrenches produced were Stillson pattern. Thews acquired patten number 1,552,091 September 1, 1925. This was the first modern pipe wrench. This wrench was still a bit bulky due to materials available at the time. It would soon be slimmed down as better steel became available. Modern pipe wrenches are a light-weight alloy.

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