Rogers Printz

John R Long held several patents for wrenches and vises. Three of these wrench patents are associated with a series of three related wrench companies. Long is also credited with the Will-Burt vise that became the Versa Vise. There is a Versa Vise web page on this site.

The J R Long Wrench Company was formed in August of 1906 in Akron, Ohio. Patent number 818,180 dated April 17, 1906 is the basis for forming the company. Brand names included Quick, Auto Set, and New Departure. Advertising for Long wrenches appear from 1907 till 1911.

Rogers, Printz & Company was incorporated in 1909 by A M Printz, James R Rogers, and William R Rogers. This company was located in Warren, Pennsylvania. An improved version of the J R Long wrench was manufactured. The patent number is 890,146 dated June 9, 1908. ARPECO was the brand name that also appeared on pipe wrenches and vises. This company was taken over by the Standard Wrench & Tool Company in January of 1911.

The Standard Wrench & Tool Company was located in Providence, Rhode Island. Their logo was FitZall in a diamond. They used J R Long patent number 955,974 dated April 26, 1910. This company was liquidated at auction in 1913.

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