S K Tools

Sherman Klove was an important manufacturer of mechanics tools. Mason H Sherman and Naoh G Klove began making threaded fasteners in Sycamore, Illinois in 1916. Tool making probably began in 1927. They were a contractor for Hinsdale. When Hinsdale was unable to continue due to the depression, they began selling the inventory themselves. Theodore Rueb developed the round head ratchet in 1933. The patent number is 1,981,526. The shape of the ratchet allowed access to tighter spaces and became an important product for the company. The SK diamond logo appeared on these early tools.
S K began making tools for the Lectrolite Company of Defiance, Ohio. Lectrolite also owned the Pressed Products Company. Both manufacturers were sold to Symington Wayne in 1962. Tools were sold under the S K Wayne brand. Dresser Industries became the owner in 1968, Management in 2005, and Ideal Industries in 2010.
There is a bit of confusion over the Brazil Stamping division. The Brazil Can Company was founded in 1912. The Brazil can Company and the Chicago Sheet Manufacturing Company merged to form the Brazil Stamping Company. Brazil Stamping made tin boxes. This was sold to Union Steel Manufacturing in 1921. No records have been found linking This manufacturer to S K.
Latches found on S K tool boxes were made by Excelsior Lock & Hardware of Stamford, Connecticut. Elisha Mix Jr. worked for Towne & Lyon in 1898. He began experimenting with locks on his own time. By 1903, he had opened his own shop in Bridgeport. This small firm prospered and remained in business long after the demise of giant Towne & Lyon.
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