Wakefield Wrench Company

The first advertisement for a Wakefield wrench is in a 1920 publication stating that Clarence E Wakefield began making adjustable wrenches 33 years ago; placing a start date of about 1887 while American Exporter lists the starting date as 1889. This may be a mistake in that it was actually John E instead of Clarence. The earlier wrenches have two other names connected with them, Joseph Oliver and Joseph Fleming. In 1896, the company is listed as J E Wakefield Wrenches and Clamps with the name appearing later as the Wakefield All-Steel Wrench Company. The Wizard name may be attributed to son Clarence who appears to be working on his own after has father’s death in 1910. Advertisements continue until at least 1922 with a patent date of 1928 for a socket set.

Patents include number454,893 for a pipe wrench filed Nov. 26, 1890 by John E Wakefield. Number 657,326 granted Sept. 4, 1900 used on Indian motorcycle wrenches. 886,448 issued May 5, 1908 after a five year wait. Number 1,435,548 to Joseph Oliver and Joseph Fleming filed May 9, 1919. Number 1,436,049 filed April 28, 1919 to Joseph Oliver. Number 1,680,578 for a socket wrench set Aug 14, 1928 to Oliver and Fleming. Unable to locate patent numbers for the later stamped steel wrenches.