Wentworth Axle & Spring

James Williams was making wagon springs in Readfield, Maine as early as 1830. Hebron M Wentworth was an employee. Hebron left to serve in the Civil War. He convinced James to relocate to Gardiner after his return in 1865. Hebron and brother David soon bought James out forming Wentworth Brothers. Stoneware manufacturers George and Frank Plaisted joined in 1867 forming H Wentworth & Company. The Plaisteds sold out and a stock company was formed in 1877. The company was now Wentworth Spring & Axle. The last tax filing was in 1901.

James & Fuller Dingley founded the Gardiner Spring Company in 1868. They were the first spring-makers in Gardiner. The brothers sold to Hebron in 1870. They then bought the Foster Eagle Tool Company. The Gardiner Tool Company was an axe manufacturer.

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