Whitman & Barnes

Albert G Page and Alfred White formed Page & White near Fitchburg, Massachusetts. They began making edge tools as early as the 1790s. F Stiles and William E Taylor joined Page after White withdrew. A G Page & Company was dissolved in 1847. Edward Aldrich joined Page to form Page & Aldrich. This was the time period they were making reaper blades for McCormick. Augustus Whitman and Calvin Foster join Page in 1852 forming Page, Whitman & Company. This company was dissolved in 1856. Eugene T Miles and Augustus Whitman then formed the Whitman & Miles Manufacturing Company.

Sweet, Barnes & Company of Syracuse, New York also manufactured mower blades. This company developed modern steel making about 1860. They operated the Onondaga Steel Corporation. Barnes left by 1876, perhaps earlier. Whitman & Barnes was formed in 1877.

In 1891 they bought the Diamond Tool Company. Drills and reamers would supplement the declining market for knives. Akron was exclusively machine tools by 1893. Acme monkey wrenches were added in 1893. A new plant in West Pullman, Illinois was built at this time. West Pullman made wrenches, forgings, and lawn mowers.

Collinson, Burch and Company of St. Catherine, Canada was purchased in 1880. This gave them access to the Canadian market. Canada and West Pullman were sold to J H Williams in 1920.

1926 Akron consolidated with Detroit Twist Drill. Akron was closed with operations moved to Detroit. The company was now making machine tools exclusively. The Latrobe Tool Company was purchased in 1933. Operations continued until sold in 1984.

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