Wiard Plow

Thomas Wiard was the head of a family of plow-makers. He began making plow points for farmers who would finish them at home, fitting them to their wood plow. He moved from Connecticut to Geneseo, New York about 1801 and on to Avon in 1804. He began finishing Jethro Wood castings in 1815 while continuing his own version. Thomas died in 1837 leaving four sons. His son William moved to Canada to make plows. He died in 1841.

Sons, Seth and Henry Wiard continued the plow business. Fourth son Matthew bought Seth’s interest in 1863 and Henry retired in 1865. Grandson George bought half interest in 1865 forming M & G Wiard. C W Hough bought Matthew’s interest in 1871 forming Wiard & Hough. This company moved to Batavia in 1876 and incorporated the Wiard Plow Company. The business prospered. Batavia became a modern city with water mains and fire hydrants the following year.

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